Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver


Before I fall is the first book I finished reading within two days. The first time I saw the book in a book store, I fell in love with it because of its promising premise. The only for thing I’m afraid of with books is that after reading one, it might turn out a lost cause and gladly, Oliver’s first book never failed.

The novel is about a teenager, Samantha Kingston, who died in a car accident only to find out that she could still live on the same day 7 times to untangle the mystery surrounding her death.

It tells a heartwarming story of a mislead teenage girl realizing the important things in life which she refused to appreciate while she still lives. She only realized all that after her death which kind of gave me guilt. Other characters are unlikable but, as the premise wore on, Oliver unclouded the story behind why her friends—Lindsay, Elody, and Ally—are the way they are.

Lauren Oliver delivers a beautiful and mysterious young adult story that is didactic. Although not fast-pacing, it is interesting enough of a literary piece.

I was thinking, before I finished reading, the only downfall it could get is the boredom it could deliver to its readers since it tells a one day story, multiplied 7 times. In its course, though, the progression of characters and the story itself are evident.

Before I Fall is an excellent, flawlessly-written literary piece that could make us contemplate the things we do in our lives, and how we should not take everything for granted — at least — before it’s too late.